For New users  (directors, producers and production companies):

 - To the left side of the home page, click on new user and enter all required fields, then submit.
- A link will be forwarded to the director and producer for activation (it may take some time).

 For Previous users : 

 - Enter email id and password.
-  In case you have forgotten your password, click on "Forgot Password" option to get  a system generated password that you may change later.

 To submit the entry form:

 - The director or the producer is kindly requested to log in, access his profile.
- Click on  "Add Film".
- Enter  all compulsory fields.  In case there is more than one director or producer, click on the (+) option, a field will appear to enter the email id of wither the director or producer. The same applies for country of production.
- Then, submit.


 -  When the director and producer are not the same person, give different email ids for each one of them.
- The biography and synopsis must not exceed 80 words.
- The running time must be in whole numbers with no alphabets (ex. 20, 48, 61).
- The sizes of the director's photograph and film stills to be submitted should be either 1600 x 900.
-  Please mention only the producer/s  who holds complete financial rights. 

Source : Aljazeera