In cooperation with the Aljazeera International Documentary Film festival, Qatar Photographic Society launches a photography competition under the name "A story from your community".

The competition seeks to highlight a visual story in your local community, the dramatic structure within the photograph, and the expressive impact it has away from mannerism and exaggeration and in the elements of the pictures.

The participant should present a story from his/her community or immediate environment explaining the idea from the beginning to the end respectively. Photographs must have captions.
Participation is open to all photographers from all over the world, and the following criteria will be adopted:

- Seven to ten high quality photographs at most.
- Photographs to be saved on CD using TIFF DPI - JPEG 300.
- No personal information or watermarks on the photographs.
- Photographs should not be altered.

- Photoshop to be used only to adjust the colors and can't be used to add or delete any element in the photograph.

The organizers advised that winners will be selected by a panel of photography specialists and the decision of the judges is final. The organizing committee has the right to use the photographs in its publications, prints, and the Internet. It also has the right to accept or reject any contribution without giving further reasons.

Interested individuals are encouraged to send their contributions in a sealed envelope that bears the name, contact numbers, and email of the participant and addressed to:
Qatar Photographic Society
P O Box 2628 Doha - Qatar Tel: 44677793 & 55854319
- Contributions will be displayed in a special photo gallery in the society's hall, and then printed in a book.

- The participant is to undertake that he/she is the photographer of this event and the writer of the captions and the photographs were taken between the competition announcement and submission date. If this condition is not fully observed, the participant will be liable for the subsequent repercussions.

- The closing date for turning in contributions is October 31, 2015.
- The awards will be as follow:
The first story QR 12000
The second story QR 1000
The third story QR 8000

Source : Aljazeera