The Minutes Film Competition is witnessing a huge demand from different countries in the world since its launching at the beginning of this month. The Aljazeera Festival continues to receive films until March 25. In April, the participating films will be screened on the Festival homepage on Al Jazeera website and other social media platforms.

The Aljazeera Festival launched The Minutes Film Competition to cater for the new expressive orientations, and based on the belief in the creative value that short films have, or what is known as glance or light films.

The availability of filming capabilities within smart phones and photographic cameras, social media platforms, and visual broadcasting websites provided us with personal films produced by individuals. There are also field experiences that are based on the micro-technology that can be in anywhere or anytime.

The festival stated that the content and the sincerity of the presentation are the two only criteria in the competition regardless to the tool used in filming. The competition doesn't dictate any subject. Film makers were given the choice to present their stories in line with technical and ethical standards listed on the published conditions on the festival homepage.

In regards to the awards for the winning films, three will be through the jury members while two through online poll on the festival homepage on Al Jazeera website.

Source : Aljazeera