Abbas Arnaout, Director of Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival, announced that the 10thedition of the festival that will be held between 23 and 26 October has achieved the highest participation from 60 countries from all over the world. He noted that China is the biggest participant in the festival competitions.
In a press conference in The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, where the festival will be held, Arnaout said "On the 10thanniversary, we will continue to uphold to the festival message in disseminating documentary film culture in the Arab World".  He also revealed that there are 10 countries that have participated for the first time in the festival. The number of received applications exceeded our expectations and reached 1094 films: 354 long, 294 medium, 266 short, and 180 for the New Horizon competition. The films were reviewed by specialized committees, and 161 films were shortlisted for all competitions contesting over 24 awards.
Arnaout valued the partnership that combined the Festival and Al Jazeera website for the first time since the launching of the festival

 Concerning the jury panel, Arnaout said that it has 15 different members from various countries and as usual, no two members from the same country. Aljazeera has no representation in the panel to ensure impartiality is maintained.   

Arnaout valued the partnership that combined the Festival and Al Jazeera website for the first time since the launching of the festival. The new festival webpage on the Al Jazeera website offers a premium service reflecting the festival's journey.

In a question holding the next edition on its annual time next April, he added that this needs further evaluation after this edition. The issue has to do with internal circumstances and the ability of organizing another festival within a short period of time and the ability of filmmakers to participate in two editions within a short period of time.

On a different note, the attendance of the Directors of Documentary Film Authorities in both India and China was confirmed as well as an Indian cinema star whose name will be declared later. The shortlisted films were selected according to the criteria of tackling liberties, human rights, and children issues and these are of fundamental interest to Al Jazeera Network. He also pointed that the number of visitors of Aljazeera Festival webpage is increasing and has reached 750.000 visits, according to a recent estimate.

The Festival Awards
The Festival's Awards are of two types: The Festival Awards and the Special Awards. The first group includes: The Golden Award, The Jury Award, and The New Horizon Award dedicated for college students. It is given to the best films made by amateur directors, students, or beginners.

Special Awards, on the other hand, are sponsored by Aljazeera Documentary Channel: three awards to the best three Arabic films provided not to be produced by Aljazeera Media Network. The second award is sponsored by Public Liberties and Human Rights Administration at Al Jazeera Media Network while the third one is sponsored by Al Jazeera Children Channel and given to the best three films discussing children and family issues.

Journalists in the conference (Aljazeera) 

The participants in this edition are from different Arab and foreign TV channels, production companies, and directors and media personnel. 1094 applications were received covering long films, medium films, and short ones. The number of films received films is 910 while only 161 were shortlisted and they include 45 short, 51 medium, and 34 long and 31 films in the New Horizon competition. In the production exhibition, there will be 48 companies and establishments from 16 countries.

Similar to each edition, the guests will be entertained with concurrent events, such as the seminar entitled Arabic in Media Outlets in corporation with the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, workshops, folkloric shows, and a book exhibition for three publishing houses.

Source : Aljazeera