Ingrid Falck, the director of documentary films at Al Jazeera English, considered the workshop entitled Al Jazeera English Channel Commissioning a good opportunity to be in contact with film directors from outside Al Jazeera Network. The workshop was held on the side of the 10th Aljazeera International Documentary Festival.

Ingrid added, "Al Jazeera English workshop formed a distinguished platform to explain the complications and consequences of documentary films. It also helped to disperse a notion that documentary films include all non-news films."

She confirmed that there are certain criteria for selecting films in Al Jazeera English in terms of tackling social and humane issues, based on observation and other visual techniques, and far from the affirmative style.

She added, "Basically we use analysis and going deep into the meaning of the image, away from the compositional and news styles. We can only have influence on people by following this style."

Ingrid praised the level of discussions followed Al Jazeera English Channel Commissioning workshop, especially those about the techniques used to simplify the practical notions that regulate work at the Network. She also pointed to the levels of the participating films in the festival; some were very strong while some others were good.

Source : Aljazeera