The China International Documentary Film Festival was launched on November 22, 2014 in the city of Zhenjiang.

The jury panel was headed by Abbas Arnaout, the director of The Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival. The festival hosted around 200 professionals of experts and documentary filmmakers.

The festival organizers said that the festival theme "An Eye on China" was a sign on the use of the language of reality and the documentary innovation to document the normal life from the social, humanitarian, and cultural perspectives in order to inform a bigger proportion of people about the reality of China.

In the efforts made to realize the Chinese contemporary dream, the festival entitled "An Eye on China" includes personal and emotional models. This is in addition to other collective experiences that present China as an active member of the international community.

They also said that the festival is not only an opportunity to give awards, but also a meeting opportunity for filmmakers. It gives more focus to what is beyond the festival; in other words, the ability to continue in development, and lead towards radical changes.

After evaluating the contesting films, Aranout advised media agencies that, "The festival is like an oriental local and international market that can gradually achieve a great extent of maturity. It also inspires youth and film innovators, and enriches the international exchange."

The promotion campaign of this festival began last May. The organizers stated that they received more than 700 documentary films from TV channels, media agencies, production firms, and universities.

They also said that the jury panel comprised 13 famous professionals, seven of them from overseas. The shortlisted films reached sixty, and only fifteen were given gold and silver awards. Other awards were also given to the best director, best cameraman, and best producer.

The festival organizing committee recommended some of the winning films in international documentary and TV film festivals.

Besides the awards distribution, the festival witnessed holding workshops about documentary film appreciation, critique, film making, and marketing. There was also a signage of agreements between the festival organizers and other documentary film bodies.

A day was dedicated to showcase some of the participating films in The 10th Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival that was held in Doha - Qatar under the motto ‘Steps"

Source : Aljazeera