Diarmuid Jeffreys, the director of Program Department at the Al Jazeera English Channel, announced the possibility of contacting directors of successful films aired at some Arab channels in order to be translated and reproduced in English. This was in a workshop for Al Jazeera English during the 10th Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival.

He confirmed that the channel will air a series of shows about the current affairs in Algeria, over-population problem worldwide, and other important issues.

Jeffreys finds the festival a good opportunity to exchange views with directors from all over the world, confirming the face-to-face contact between directors and Al Jazeera English Personnel is a constructive opportunity to discuss issues of interest to the participants.

He valued the discussions that took place in the workshop that focused on the operational mechanisms and proposals of directors to further enhance communication with the Al Jazeera English Channel. He called for holding similar workshops that aim at introducing directors to the new staff at the Network to facilitate communication.

 The director of Program Department at the Al Jazeera English Channel praised the festival this year in terms of having the activities held at one place.

Source : Aljazeera