Said Dahri - Doha

The director of Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festivals has announced the launch of Aljazeera Forum for Film Festivals. The festival director, Abbas Arnaout, who was elected as an executive director to the forum advised that it was agreed to create an internal charter that regulates the conditions of membership that will be open to all types of festivals worldwide.

In a press conference in Doha, Arnaout said, "The first Forum will be held in Doha within an annual event sponsored by Aljazeera and it will include directors of festivals worldwide."

 He also confirmed that the forum will provide the moral support to all new directors and producers. He perceives this initiative as a major step in the world of cinema and filmmaking in the absence of a global body that keeps documentary film festivals under its umbrella.

 The executive director explained that the forum aims at the exchange of expertise and thoughts, support creative people and producers, enhance the status of documentary films, and evaluating initiatives that aim at elevating the documentary film status worldwide.

The Forum Award
Arnaout advised that the attendees decided to dedicate an award bearing the name of the forum to be presented in major international festivals.

The institutional statement of the forum asserted on activating the role of documentary films on public affairs and global issues, such as education, environment, food, health, and peace. Also, bridges of corporation with UN organizations and other international bodies that are concerned with culture and art will be built.

The closed prior to the launch of the forum was attended by the following people: 

  • - Abdullah Al Najar, the executive director for marketing and distribution at Aljazeera Network.
  • - Amir Esfandiari, representative of Isfahan International Festival of Films For Children & Young Adults & Fajr International Film Festival.
  • - Gong Jijiu, executive director of Zhenjiang International Documentary Film Festival & China Cultural Information Association Chief & Executive Director.
  • - Sohaib El Ouassani, director of Europe - Orient Documentary Film Festival in Asila- Morocco.
  • - Murad Sekakmiya, public relations director of Kazan International Festival of Muslim Cinema.
  • - Jose Sanchez Montes, director of Granada International Film Festival.
  • - Al Habib Nasri, director of International Documentary Film Festival in Khouribga - Morocco.
  • - Asma Graimiche, director of The International Film Festival of Dakhla- Morocco.
  •  Tian Li, manager of China Zhenjiang International Documentary Film Festival.

Source : Aljazeera