Mango Girls is about Dharhara village's contribution in addressing some serious social issues is unique because they are addressing an age old problem of India, partly the custom of dowry.

The film is about the tradition of planting ten mango trees for every newborn girl in Dharhara. Fifteen years later, the crops will be used to cover their education and dowry.

Sharma, who worked in the media sector for eight years, said that Mango Girls is his first documentary film. The film tackles three major issues related to dowry, female infanticide, and climate change. These issues are of great interest on the local level in India.

 The film highlights the issue of dowry over 33 minutes which has burdened the poor families in India. Usually there are social repercussions that could lead to the murder of the girls in case a dowry wasn't made available on time.

Sharma confirms that Dharhara should be used as a living example because no infanticide case was reported in the last two centuries. This is in addition to the creation of a green cover in the village. Sharma confirms that the climate change has to be taken into consideration if Dharhar model is being followed. That is, the selected trees should suit the terrain of each village.

Source : Aljazeera