Mr. Arnaout is a graduate of drama and documentary direction from England, and then he returned to work in the Arab world. He worked as a director in the Jordan Television and then in Dubai Television. He established Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival and was appointed as a director in 2005.

He directed a number of famous TV series, such as "Suliman of Aleppo", "Antaraa", "The Conqueror", "The Night Grenada Fell", " Script on Burning Meat", "Very Special Invitation", "Pride Suitable for Knights", "The Knights Sheathed their Swords", "The Death of Almutanabi". He also directed several documentary films, such as "Alkhyam Prision", and "Arab Features".

Mr. Arnaout supervised the production of the documentary "With Haikal" which is being broadcast on Aljazeera Channel. He also produced TV shows, such as "Alamriya Shelter" and "Qana Massacre". 

He was appointed the director of Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival. He also chaired the jury at Tehran International Festival for Short Films, and Gaza Documentary Festival.

Mr. Arnaout is a jury member in a number of festivals: the Arab Cinema Festival in Paris; Alfajr Cinema Festival in Iran; Amal International Festival for Arab -European Cinema in Spain; Bologna Festival; and a permanent jury member in the International Festival for Documentary Cinema in China.

Some of the short stories he authored are "Happened Tomorrow", "Water! Then He Ran" and "Death to the Brink of Life". In the same vein, he authored novels, such as "The Voice is Calling Me", "Alhalaj: The Heart Beating with Love" which was written in a special poetic and spiritual style to form a series of existential inquiries saturated with love, freedom, and the sense of absolute.

Source : Aljazeera