There are activities held on the side of every edition of the festival. In the 9th edition in 2013, the festival hosted 65 participants, ranging from media institutes and production firms from Qatar or abroad.

Other activities like film screenings, seminars, and other exhibitions were also held on the side of the festival. Media and book exhibitions were also held with the participation of 5 publishing houses, 10 TV Stations, and 37 Media Firms from 16 countries in addition to 12 participants from Qatar.

Moreover, a workshop was also held on the side of the festival about the editing orientations of the products produced by Aljazeera Netwrok while the second one was about the selection of the projects of the documentary works. The third workshop was about Cinema and Human Rights in addition to a poetry reading show for the Iraqi poet, Abdulrazak Abdulwahid.

The 9th edition was keen to recognize those with hearing disabilities. The activities were concurrent with the World Mutes Week. To this end, the festival management - in conjunction with the Qataris Mute Association- organized a seminar about "the hearing disability and the importance of the early detection". This is in addition to the opening premiere that discussed the hearing disability; a recognition to this group.

Source : Aljazeera