The Public Liberties and Human Rights Award for the long film category was given to Wooden Rifle by Alfouz Tanjour. The film is about young Lebanese men who had not lived in the time of the civil war but they inherited its consequences. Here they are this time carrying wooden rifles.
For the medium film category, In Utero Serbrenica won the award and was directed by Giuseppe Carrieri.

 The film depicts the story of a mother, who digs the ground with her bare hands to find the remains of her son, a girl who was raped and so she became barren and other stories of sufferings of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Finally, On the Double (Al Trote) won the short film category and was directed by Enrique Gabriel Dodero. The film is about a sports club fans in Buones Aires who chanted and sang against the bloody dictatorship then in a banned political march.

Source : Aljazeera