Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival is a continuation to the journey of Aljazeera Network in enhancing discussions, the freedom of expression, and exercising the legitimate human rights. It also presents an image that incorporates art, innovation, and cultural and civic blend.

Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival was established in 2005, and it is an international event by all standards. Since its first edition, it has become a meeting point for filmmakers and innovators worldwide. The festival showcases a wide range of documentary films that discuss humanitarian, social, economic, and political issues. This is on top of the support it dedicates to young talents that work hard to have a space for expression and production.

Three Competitions
The festival holds three competitions: a major one dedicated for TV channels; production firms; cultural, social, and media institutions; and independent producers. It comprises three categories: short films, medium films, and long films. This is in addition to the New Horizon competition that is dedicated to amateur and beginner directors and school pupils.

Awards are given to each category, and directors and winners are awarded too. The first edition included participants from Arab countries only. This limited participation was for the purpose of evaluating the whole experience from all angles before expanding or specializing which could make this festival different in the future.
Participation included all TV productions, such as news programs and documentary films.

After the success of the first edition, it was decided to expand the festival and make it an international event bearing the name "Aljazeera Second International Festival for TV Productions"; and then Arab and non-Arab participants were allowed to take part in this event.

After this step, we realized the significance of the documentary films worldwide. This was in line with the orientation of Aljazeera Network, which then launched the first Arab documentary channel.

Consequently, the festival was decided to be for documentary films with the name "Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival".
This orientation was carried on from the third to the ninth edition of the festival. This specialty is what made us the most important Arab festival, and a distinguished one among other international festivals.
Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival is a means of discussion and communication that fosters mutual knowledge, exchange of expertise, and builds a diverse and multispectral culture.

We seek to be a place where we meet filmmakers from all over the world and a place to meet innovative people and ambitious youth and to establish a culture interested in documentary films. The festival objectives can be summarized in the following points:

1- To place Aljazeera Network among the pioneers in this field for sponsoring this event.
2- To be open on other TV channels and independent film makers.
3 - To establish for distinguished production values that carry Aljazeera objective and technical style.
4- To open the door of participation for distinguished works; which forms an additional source to Aljazeera screen.
5 - To make stakeholders operating in the film making industry, such as TV channels, educational institutions, and independent producers aware of Aljazeera; its values and its role in media and film making.
6 - To sponsor young producers and students.
7 - To be familiar with the best participating TV productions from over ninety countries.
8 - To be familiar with the latest techniques and development in the film making industry.
9 - To honor innovative figures in the production industry or those who played a pioneer role in the history of media.

Source : Aljazeera