Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival has announced the shortlisted films that will take part in 11th edition of the festival "Horizons". The event will be held on November 26 and awards will be given in the following categories: Aljazeera Golden Award, the Jury Award, the New Horizon Award, Al Jazeera Documentary Channel Award, the Public Liberties and Human Rights Award, and the Child and Family Award.
The festival received 920 entry forms to contest over the four-day event, while received only 775 films and only 148 films were shortlisted. The following are the shortlisted films in the short, medium, long and New Horizon categories:

Ghost Town - The Hebron Story - USA, How I Saved Africa - Estonia, On the Bride's Side - Italy, The Most Beautiful Things are yet to Come - The Netherlands, A Single Word - Qatar, Women Dance Memories - Argentina, Moving (my Home) - China, Water to North - China, My Country - China, The Harpoon - Italy, Days of Hope - Denmark, Spirit in Motion - Russia, Good Night Sarajevo - Spain, Melting pot: Indian Castellers, Catalan Govindas - Spain, Kanraxel - The Confluence of Agnack - UK, The Last Journey of Dashdeleg - France, Unforgiven - Germany, Blood Type - Estonia, Those who go With me - Spain, The Visit - Denmark, The Price of Memory - Jamaica, The Auction House: A Tale of two Brothers - UK, Farah - Qatar, War of Lies - Germany, A Stone's Throw From Prison - Spain, The Wanted 18 - Palestine & Canada, The Betrayed - Qatar, Born in Gaza - Spain, Damiana Kryygi - Argentina.

Mongolian Rhapsody - Ireland, Triumph of the Tomato - Austria, Global Menu - Hungary, Divided by God? - The Netherlands, Pop Palestine. Salam Cuisine From Hebron to Jenin - Italy, Land of Amber - Ireland, Flow - Hungary, Still Tibet - Spain, Message From Under Water - Syria, People of the Nile - Qatar, Two Faces of Justice - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Three Thresholds: Birth, Wedding, Death - Turkey, On the E-Waste Trail - Spain, Last Foundry - China, Fishing - China, Shipping Life - China, Wheels of war - Qatar, Che Guevara: The Making of an Icon - France, What you Taught me About my son - Japan, Reprint by Čedo Kapor - Bosnia and Herzegovina, K2 and the Invisible Footmen - Pakistan & USA, Hatred and Forgiveness - Japan, Talking to the Air: The Horses of the Last Forbidden Kingdom - USA, The Last Embrace - Spain, Disorder of the Senses - Spain, The Power of Music. Beyond Mozart - Spain, Gira: Build Your Passion - Spain, Stronger Than Words - Qatar, Forgotten sex Slaves - Comfort Women in the Philippines - Germany, This is not Paradise - Italy, To be or not to be - Republic of Srpska, Bulls Fighting, Farewell - Qatar, Kettling of the Voices - UK, A Better Life - Sweden, The Promise of Happy Childhood - Poland, Nun wa Zaytun - Palestine, Moments of Campaign - Spain & Ecuador, I like Poems and I Like Life - Spain, Agraria Road - Malaysia, My Name is Salt - Switzerland, Sunakali - Teenage Girls' Journey to Glory - Nepal, Roshmia - Palestine, Hoda's Story - Finland & Palestine, France: Responsible but not Guilty - Iran, Tomorrow we Disappear - USA, Chikara - The Sumo Wrestler's son - Denmark, Stone Pickers - Philippines, Front Row: The School in the Swamps - Philippines, Gaza, an Open-air Prison - Portugal, A Struggle for Home: The Crimean Tatars - Ukraine

The Last Killing - USA, Cast in India - USA, To my Mother - Palestine, Hide and Seek - Spain, The Apartment - China, Love Rescuing - China, Network in Longquan Temple - China, The Dream in the Wheelchair - China, Shenzhou Missile - China, Beautiful Village - China, Home Without a Homeland - India, Purely Personal Documentaries: Real Japan - Finding Independence at 38 - Japan, Why I Write - Spain, Born to be Mild - UK, Traces of Absence - Spain, Om Amira - Egypt, Babai - India, A Heart That Never Dies - Swaziland: The Last Absolute Monarchy - Norway / Denmark, A Heart That Never Dies - Bangladesh: A Country of Injustice - Norway / Denmark, La Bestia - Germany, Fairy Tale of the Queens - Bangladesh, Death in Sumatera Jungle - Indonesia, Udin and his Little Stories - Indonesia, Room in the 8th District - Hungary, Karuna - Spain, The Breath of Volcano - Azerbaijan, Reed - Turkey, Jeridy - Egypt, Apart - Denmark & Palestine, Evdal - Iraq, Famous in Ahmedabad - India, Voices of Fear: The Neighbor - Spain, Letters of Exile - Brazil, Cockatoos in Bottles - Indonesia, My Enemy, my Brother - Canada, Deaf Role Models Kenya - Kenya, The Fencing Champion - Denmark, The Mermaid of Churna Island - Pakistan, Falling Through the Cracks - Children in Mining - India, Fighting Rape in India: Power Girls - USA, The Deep Rising - India, Off the Grid - United Kingdom, Parkour - Qatar, The Survivors - Bosnia & Herzegovina, My Cultural Life - Teens' Tales - Qatar, Blind Justice - United Kingdom, Iranian Ninja - Iran.

Distant Bride - China, Life on the Boat - China, Earthquake in Mountain Lu - China, Open Targeting - Palestine, Echo of Tassili - Algeria, From Arakan to Rafflesia - Jordan, Sanitation - Dominican Republic, Homeless Pride - Jordan, Touch of Freedom - Poland, # I Hope That - Palestine, Cebiche & pa amb Tomata - Peru, Chase the Wings - China, My Location Here - Jordan, Spoken Language - Jordan, Childhood Without Identity - Egypt, Temsah - Qatar, Guetna - Mauritania, Made in Qatar - Qatar, Top - Qatar, Kumar - Qatar.

Source : Aljazeera